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Marc Almert Tasting Charm of maturity

Marc Almert Tasting Charm of maturity


Discover the interesting path mineralic wines take, when letting them to mature for a while. Morillon is the Styrian synonym for Chardonnay. This one from the Polz winery grows on the Ried (= single vineyard) Theresienhöhe developping great minerality. The Palatine Riesling from the two young Rings brothers is just beginning to show the typical petrol aromas. The Pinot Noir from Domaine Tollot-Beaut strongly highlights the place where it is grown – and this one’s from the foot of one of the world’s most famous Grand Cru hills, the Corton. The tasting package includes: 1 bottle (75 cl) Morillon Moth 2013, E.<(>&<)>W. Polz, Steiermark; 1 bottle (75 cl) Riesling Weilberg 2015, Weingut Rings, Pfalz; 1 bottle (75 cl) Aloxe-Corton 2013, Domaine Tollot-Beaut, Bourgogne. With the package you will receive a small video presentation of Marc Almert, in which he comments on the wines.

In stock
Article nr. 86289000
Producer: Geschenk-Collection
Origin: Gift collection / Gift sets 80 to 150 Fr.


Origin: Gift collection / Gift sets 80 to 150 Fr.