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Tasting box taste! – Brittas Bijous

Tasting box taste! – Brittas Bijous

Exclusivity Baur au Lac Vins

The "Brittas Bijous" tasting box contains Britta Wiegelmann's personal Baur au Lac Vins favourite wines. 

The very competent, lively and laid- back wine journalist launched her new heart project "taste!" and offers wine enthusiasts an uncomplicated introduction to the fascinating world of wine through exciting video courses, live tastings and subscription packages that are anything but ordinary: namely, educational, entertaining and for the eyes and heart. We are thrilled! 

 Treat yourself to this set or offer it as a gift.

The set contains 1 à 75 cl bottle each: 

  • Givry blanc, Remoissenet 
  • Joschuari (red), Gut Oggau 
  • As Sortes, Rafael Palacios 
  • Rioja Reserva Señorío Amézola, Bodegas Amézola de la Mora
  • Izar Leku Espumoso, Lacalle y Laorden Artadi 
  • Champagne Philipponnat brut 

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