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Marc Almert Tasting Tour de Suisse

Marc Almert Tasting Tour de Suisse


Travel with Marc Almert through three different Swiss wine regions and celebrate Swissness by the glass! The Fendant Brûlefer grows on the steep slopes of the Rhône in picturesque Valais. A great, easy introduction to the parade white wine variety of Switzerland. From our Winery of the Year, which has also been awarded several times as the Organic Winery of the Year, follows a fruity Pinot Noir, created especially for us. For this, Roland Lenz in Thurgau also uses the special touch of adding slightly dried grapes before pressing. Another exclusive special bottling is the Melot Due Amici from the Sottoceneri. The name was inspired by the long friendship of the winegrower with our owner family. This resulted in a rich, fruity Merlot with enormous elegance. The package contains 1 bottle of 75 cl of: Fendant Brûlefer, Bonvin, Valais; Cuvée 1844 Noir, Bioweingut Roland and Karin Lenz, Thurgau; Merlot Due Amici, Brivio e Gialdi Vini, Ticino. With the package you will receive a small video presentation of Marc Almert, in which he comments on the wines (in German).

In stock
Article nr. 86298000
Producer: Geschenk-Collection
Origin: Gift collection / Gifts sets 20 to 80 Fr.


Origin: Gift collection / Gifts sets 20 to 80 Fr.