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Gift set Great and true champagne terroirs

Gift set Great and true champagne terroirs


An exclusive champagne package from the House of Tarlant. The philosophy and endeavours of the Tarlant family are unique in Champagne: the extended maturation and meticulous processing of their champagnes are unmistakable characteristics of the name. Each of these superb champagnes has aged on the yeast for 12 years to create a pure vintage that is produced only in extremely limited quantities (around 900 - 1500 bottles). La Vigne d'Antan grows on the sandy soil of «Les Sables» near Oeuilly. Some 44 years old, these Chardonnay vines are ungrafted. A wonderful and rare opportunity to experience the aromas of the original Chardonnay. La Vigne d'Or is grown at the «Pierre de Bellevue» vineyard in Oeuilly (Marne Valley) on a sparnacien soil (clay chalk). The Pinot Meunier rootstocks are around 50 years old. Benoît Tarlant is convinced « You will never forget tasting this astonishing and intense Champagne ». La Vigne Royale thrives on the hard limestone of the renowned «Mocque Tonneau» vineyard near Celles-lès-Condé at the crossing point of the Dhuys and Surmelin rivers, originally a popular location for the royal court. Make a gift of Tarlant, or enjoy it yourself to experience outstanding Champagne terroir!

In stock
Article nr. 86287000
Producer: Geschenk-Collection
Origin: Gift collection / Gift sets over 150 Fr.


Origin: Gift collection / Gift sets over 150 Fr.
Serving temperature: 10 to 12 °C