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DOC Südtirol,Cantina Colterenzio, 2019

750 ml
Selection Baur au Lac Vins30
Grape variety: Merlot
Producer: Cantina Colterenzio
Origin: Italien / Südtirol / Alto Adige
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Article nr. 35063719
Grape variety: Merlot
Producer: Cantina Colterenzio
Origin: Italien / Südtirol / Alto Adige


Black cherry colour. Aromas of ripe wild berries, dark chocolate and plum. On palate this Merlot shows suppleness and balance. A fruity wine, full of character, bold and harmonious.


Origin: Italien / Südtirol / Alto Adige
Grape variety: Merlot
Ripening potential: 2 to 4 years
Serving temperature: 16 to 18 °C
Food pairing suggestion: Smoked fish, Cold fish dish, dried meat, Cheese board
Vinification: short must fermentation, fermentation in steel tank
Maturation: in large wooden barrel/foudre
Maturation duration: 12 months
Volume: 13.5 %
Note: Contains sulphites


Italy – Where wine is a way of life

The Italian wine regions are extremely diverse, and this is made clear in their wines. Established varieties such as Merlot, Syrah, and Sauvignon can be found on just 15 percent of the total vine growing area. The remaining 85 percent is reserved for autochthonous, indigenous varieties. More than 2,000 different grape varieties are grown under diverse conditions and pressed with various techniques into wines that reach the top tier of the international wine market.


Alto Adige

Alto Adige: Alpenweine mit südlichem Charme

Am Alpenübergang gelegen verfügt das Südtirol über eine grosse Palette an Mirkroklimata und Bodentypen. Dies macht es möglich, dass hier über 20 verschiedene Sorten optimale Bedingungen vorfinden. Vernatsch, Lagrein und Gewürztraminer gelten als alteingesessene Südtiroler Gewächse, doch auch die Familie der Burgundergewächse finden hier ideale Bedingungen vor. In wichtigen Weinführern wie etwa dem «Gambero Rosso» erhält das Südtirol regelmässig die meisten Höchstbewertungen («Tre Bicchieri») im Verhältnis zur Rebfläche in ganz Italien.


Cantina Colterenzio

The vineyards of the village of Schreckbichl, or Colterenzio in Italian, near Girlan are among the oldest vineyards in Europe. The origin lies in the Roman estate Cornelianum of a Roman named Cornelius. From this, almost 1000 years later, the present name Girlan or Coriano developed.

In 1960, 28 wineries and estates from Schreckbichl, Girlan and Frangart founded the Schreckbichl/Colterenzio Winery. Under the management of Luis Raifer, the cooperative developed into one of South Tyrol's flagship businesses. In 2010, his son Wolfgang took over the management of the cantina, which today has around 300 cooperative members.

Anyone who has ever visited the picturesque and hospitable South Tyrol knows that wine is inseparably linked to this magnificent landscape, to the culture and traditions of this land. The winegrowers, and Wolfgang Raifer in particular, feel obliged to preserve and cultivate all of this. Consequently, the cooperative members have to work according to strict prescribed guidelines and environmentally friendly methods of integrated viticulture. In all production steps, from cultivation to bottling, traditions have their place as well as the most modern techniques according to the latest findings: from the traditional pergola (a kind of pergola) to the modern new winery built in 2011 with a photovoltaic system to generate clean energy.

The enormous diversity of landscapes, microclimates and soil conditions of the Alto Adige offers optimal growing conditions for a large number of different grape varieties. Lagrein, which we present to you here, thrives best in the warm Bolzano valley basin on deep river sand scree soils. Pinot Bianco likes it cooler, at higher altitudes, on gravelly, partly very calcareous soils.

Try these two typical representatives of South Tyrol! The Cantina also offers a wide range of wines in three quality lines: the classic line (single-vineyard wines without wood ageing), the Praedium line (single-vineyard wines) and the Cornell line (barrique wines).

Grape varieties


Everybody’s darling

Merlot is the most charming member of the Bordeaux family. It shines with rich colour, fragrant fullness, velvety tannins and sweet, plummy fruit. It even makes itself easy for the vintner, as it matures without issue in cool years as well. This is in contrast to the stricter Cabernet Sauvignon, which it complements as a blending partner. Its good qualities have made the Merlot famous worldwide. At over 100,000 hectares, it is the most-planted grape in France. It also covers large areas in California, Italy, Australia and recently in Eastern Europe. The only catch is that pure Merlot varieties rarely turn out well. Its charm is often associated with a lack of substance. Only the best specimens improve with maturity. They then develop complex notes of leather and truffles. This succeeds in the top wines from the Bordeaux appellation of Pomerol and those from Ticino, among others.

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