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Rocca Rubia Riserva

Rocca Rubia Riserva

DOC Carignano del Sulcis, Cantina Santadi, 2016

750 ml
Grape variety: Carignan
Producer: Cantina Santadi
Origin: Italy / Sardegna / Carignano del Sulcis
In stock
Article nr. 35127716
Grape variety: Carignan
Producer: Cantina Santadi
Origin: Italy / Sardegna / Carignano del Sulcis


Intense garnet colour with bright almost black hue. Pleasant fruity nose of black cherry, wild fruit jam, pepper and chocolate. The palate is dominated by blackcurrant jam, vanilla and tobacco flavours. The structure of this wine from old vines is smooth with rounded tannins and good maturity. Long, harmonious finish.


Origin: Italy / Sardegna / Carignano del Sulcis
Grape variety: Carignan
Ripening potential: 2 to 5 years
Serving temperature: 16 to 18 °C
Food pairing suggestion: Spiced grillades, Roasted lamb gigot, Saltimbocca, Cheese board, Spaghetti alla bolognese, Spaghetti con sugo al basilico
Vinification: fully destemmed, short must fermentation
Harvest: hand-picking
Maturation: in new barriques
Volume: 14.5 %
Note: Contains sulphites


Italy – Where wine is a way of life

The Italian wine regions are extremely diverse, and this is made clear in their wines. Established varieties such as Merlot, Syrah, and Sauvignon can be found on just 15 percent of the total vine growing area. The remaining 85 percent is reserved for autochthonous, indigenous varieties. More than 2,000 different grape varieties are grown under diverse conditions and pressed with various techniques into wines that reach the top tier of the international wine market.

Grape varieties


Fervid oddball

The red Carignan is a heat-loving Mediterranean grape. It has a bit of everything over other varieties: more colour, more tannins, more acid. It is not easy to press a harmonious wine from it alone. Hence it is most often encountered as a blend partner, as in the Côtes du Rhône wines. In Spain it is called Mazuelo and is part of the traditional Rioja recipe. It provides the wines’ acidic backbone. The most exciting varietal specimens come from the slate slopes of the Catalan Priorat, from old bush vines in Chile or from Sardinia, where it is known as Carignano. When pressed properly, this oddball generates a lush bouquet of plums and dark fruits. Its origins lie in the northwest Spanish Aragon, near the town of Cariñena. The surrounding wine area is also named after it. In order to prevent confusion with the vine, it is called Samsó there.