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Chai Gin
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Certified organic or biodynamic wine

Chai Gin

Edelbrandmanufaktur Wilhelm Marx, Deutschland, 2018

700 ml
Producer: Wilhelm Marx
Origin: Spirits / Germany
In stock
Article nr. 62951718
Producer: Wilhelm Marx
Origin: Spirits / Germany


The basis of this CHAI gin is the MARX "Bayern Dry" organic gin. This quality product is macerated with a blend of CHAI tea from Bengal. It is very important that the gin does not become bitter due to this tea mixture, something which depends strongly on the dosage and on the maceration time. Special care is thus taken to achieve absolute harmony between the gin and the spice blend. The Bengali tea blend contains, among other things, the following spices: cinnamon, liquorice root, chicory root, cardamom, black tea, black pepper, cloves, vanilla, jasmine, nutmeg. The result is a spicy and intense taste that evokes a bit of Christmas, but without losing the dominant touch of juniper and the Mediterranean notes of a gin. A perfect product whose intensity, harmony and length blend perfectly, both on the nose and in the mouth, giving rise to a lasting taste experience.


Origin: Spirits / Germany
Bottling: by hand
Volume: 45.0 %


Germany – Into the elite the hard way

Sitting in the heart of Europe, the hilly, lake-dotted landscape of Germany provides ideal, fertile soil for the most diverse vine varieties. From Albalonga to Zweigelt, over 140 different grape varieties are grown on about 100,000 acres, cared for by nearly 50,000 vintners. Most of these vintners are young, modern, internationally trained, inquisitive and urbane. It is hardly surprising, then, that German wine has a good reputation well beyond the country's borders.


Wilhelm Marx

The small, family-owned fruit eau-de-vie distillery Wilhelm Marx is located in the idyllic Bavarian Forest between Regensburg and Bodenmais, near the Great Arber, not far from the Czech border. To be precise, the distillery is located in the picturesque climatic health resort of Neukirchen at the typically Bavarian Gut Bärenhof. A natural oasis of unparalleled beauty.

In 2012, Wilhelm Marx founded his fruit eau-de-vie distillery, and has completely devoted himself to his passion ever since. His distillery produces fine fruit eau-de-vie and liqueurs that have quickly garnered international acclaim. Wilhelm Marx started out working in the international contact lens business and travelled to Asia several times a year. His great passion for Asia is also reflected in his product line. For example, he imports the highest-quality ginger, turmeric and lemongrass directly from Thailand. The freshness and processing of the ginger give his GINGER No. 1 and GINGERLIQ their characteristic fruitiness, spiciness and palate-pleasing tingle. As early as November 2014, the Marx family took part in the International Wine & Spirits Fair in Hong Kong – to huge success! The ginger products GINGERLIQ and GINGER No. 1 in particular met with great interest. But native Bavarian fruits such as rose hips, blackthorn, quince and blackberries are also processed into exquisite delicacies.