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Campbeltown House Malt, 7y 2014
Only 3 Bottles

Campbeltown House Malt, 7y 2014

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, The Whisky Cellar, 750 ml

750 ml
Selection Baur au Lac Vins30
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Campbeltown is one of the premier Scottish whisky regions and is well known for its oily, maritime malts, full of texture and flavour. According to the legal definition, this is a blended malt, but in reality it is a tea-spooned Glen Scotia which was decanted in August 2019 into a small first-fill Oloroso sherry Octave cask. As soon as it enters the nose, its robust character is revealed through a sherry bouquet and animal, almost meaty aromas. These are followed on the palate by sultanas and dark cherries, and this whisky ends with a spicy finish with a trace of sea salt and black pepper.


Origin: Vereinigtes Königreich / Schottland Campbeltown
Volume: 56.0 %

The Whisky Cellar

The Whisky Cellar was founded in 2017 as an independent Scottish bottler by whisky expert Keith Bonnington

Bonnington, who lives in the heart of Edinburgh, can look back on a career in whisky spanning almost two decades. For over 10 years he was responsible at Edrington for brands such as the Macallan and Highland Park.




Campbeltown: Salzige Eleganz

Die Kleinstadt Campbeltown liegt auf der Halbinsel Mull of Kintyre. Diese wiederum befindet sich zwischen der berühmten Whiskey-Insel  Islay und dem westlichen Teil des schottischen Festlandes. Der Geschmack der Single Malts aus Campbeltown entspricht dieser besonderen Lage. Sie zeigen in der Nase einen Anflug von Rauch, Salz und Torf. Im Gaumen sind sie mittelschwer und elegant, oft mit einem Anflug von süsslichem Extrakt.


Campbelltown S


Scotland – Wild history, warming whisky

Whiskey, bagpipes, kilts – These are the most famous elements of Scottish culture. It has not been conclusively determined who invented whisky. The Scots and Irish both argue that they invented the “water of life.” Food and drink definitely tops the Scottish export categories. Every second, around 40 bottles of whisky are purchased. So it’s hardly surprising that whisky makes up around 80 percent of total food and drink exports.


Schottland S

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