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Glenglassaugh Port Finish
Only 10 Bottles

Glenglassaugh Port Finish

Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Highlands, Schottland

700 ml
Producer: Glenglassaugh
Origin: Scotland / Highlands
In stock
Article nr. 62937700
Producer: Glenglassaugh
Origin: Scotland / Highlands


The outstanding freshness of our coastal spirits is powerfully expressed by Glenglassaughs Port Wood Finish. When aged in small Ruby Port barrels, the open structure of the oak allows the sea breeze to act on the whisky. Notes of dark fruits are transferred from the port wine barrel; the whisky is enriched with a piquant fruity note and mint - reminiscent of herb gardens near the sea. The nose has an intense aroma of crumbly caramel, blueberry and a slight hint of garden mint. Delicate spicy peppers create a pleasant warmth in the nose. Intense spicy freshness on the palate with pink grapefruit and blood orange. A discreet herbal and oak background merges into a long and clear aftertaste that accentuates the taste of malted barley.


Origin: Scotland / Highlands
Volume: 46.0 %


Scotland – Wild history, warming whisky

Whiskey, bagpipes, kilts – These are the most famous elements of Scottish culture. It has not been conclusively determined who invented whisky. The Scots and Irish both argue that they invented the “water of life.” Food and drink definitely tops the Scottish export categories. Every second, around 40 bottles of whisky are purchased. So it’s hardly surprising that whisky makes up around 80 percent of total food and drink exports.



Highlands: Clans, Schafe, Whiskys

Die schottischen Highlands, die nur wenige Kilometer nördlich von Glasgow beginnen, und sich von dort über fast 400 Kilometer bis zum nördlichsten Zipfel des schottischen Festlandes ziehen, sind eine mystische Landschaft. Seit Jahrhunderten wird hier die Politik und die Kultur von alteingesessenen Clans bestimmt. Auf dem kargen Hügelland dominiert die Schafzucht. Zudem reifen hier einige der komplexesten und elegantesten Single Malts.