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Weissburgunder Verena 2020

DOC Südtirol, Nicolussi-Leck, 750 ml

Exclusivity Baur au Lac Vins
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Grape variety: Pinot blanc
Producer: Weingut Nicolussi-Leck
Origin: Italy / Alto Adige / Alto Adige
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Gift box available!
Grape variety: Pinot blanc
Producer: Weingut Nicolussi-Leck
Origin: Italy / Alto Adige / Alto Adige


The Weissburgunder Verena exudes a scent of ripe apple, vineyard peach and pineapple. A floral and herbal scent accompanies the fruity bouquet. Already the first sip offers a lot of drinking pleasure! The Weissburgunder presents itself with a beautiful creaminess and a balanced fruit-acid interplay. The aroma again shows yellow fruity flavours, accompanied by citrus components.

A product of the Marc Almert Selection IV

With the Marc Almert Selection, the ASI Best Sommelier of the World 2019, presents you a personally compiled selection of wines that not only touch his palate, but also his heart. 

Marc Almert about the Weissburgunder Verena

The grape varieties of the Burgundy family are often perceived as being dominated by Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. But other family members also provide the basis for extremely exciting wines. Personally, for example, I don't understand why Pinot Blanc aka Pinot Bianco still has a shadowy existence for many ... This grape variety is not only very exciting as a base wine for sparkling wines, but above all for dry wines - especially from rather mild regions like Alto Adige! What Stephanie and Jakob create here is truly impressive: a wine named after his mother Verena, born in 1957, which immediately convinces the taster with its creaminess, ripe yellow fruit aromas as well as its minerality on the palate... Light fish dishes with creamy sauces? Bring 'em on! 😊 


Origin: Italy / Alto Adige / Alto Adige
Grape variety: Pinot blanc
Label: Vegan
Ripening potential: 1 to 5 years
Drinking temperature: 10 to 12 °C
Food Pairing: Grilled fish, Risotto ai frutti di mare, Seafood salad
Vinification: fermentation in wooden barrel, fermentation in steel tank, pressing the whole grape
Harvest: hand-picking, strict selection, in small boxes
Maturation: partly in steel tank, partly in wooden barrel/foudre
Maturation duration: 10 months
Volume: 13.5 %
Note: Contains sulphites

Weingut Nicolussi-Leck

The Kreithof, as the ancestral estate is known, is located near the idyllic Lake Caldaro in South Tyrol (Alto Adige) and has been cultivated by the Nicolussi-Leck family since 1915. Standing guard over it are the medieval ruins of Leuchtenburg Castle, which – like the estate – dates back to the 13th century and was presumably also associated with nearby Laimburg Castle in the Etsch Valley.

Today, the winery is run by Jakob Nicolussi and his wife Stephanie with his parents’ support. Around 5 hectares lie between the lake and Leuchtenburg. There are east, south and west-facing slopes at about 350 metres above sea level, some with a gradient of up to 40% and warm, loamy soils and the porphyry rock of Mitterberg mountain. Each vineyard or plot of land has its own unique microclimate and soil composition that distinguish it from the others. This diversity was used to select the ideal location for each grape variety.


Nicolussi Leck Kreithof Alto Adige
Grape variety

Pinot blanc

Lively sparkling, substantial white

The Pinot blanc has the same genetic fingerprint as Pinot gris and Pinot noir. They only differ in colour. The mutation from red to white was noted over a century ago in Burgundy. Suddenly, berries of differing colorations were hanging on the same stock. The bouquet of the Pinot blanc is fresh and floral with notes of citrus, apple, pear and apricot. In Alsace, it yields fragrant sparkling wines; it also enters into some champagnes. Vintners in Germany and Austria produce an abundance of Pinot blanc with a good deal of substance, blending and backbone. Representatives from Switzerland demonstrate a similar profile. There, the Pinot blanc grows mainly in Valais, Vaud and in Grisons.


Pinot Blanc

Alto Adige

Alto Adige: Alpenweine mit südlichem Charme

Am Alpenübergang gelegen verfügt das Südtirol über eine grosse Palette an Mirkroklimata und Bodentypen. Dies macht es möglich, dass hier über 20 verschiedene Sorten optimale Bedingungen vorfinden. Vernatsch, Lagrein und Gewürztraminer gelten als alteingesessene Südtiroler Gewächse, doch auch die Familie der Burgundergewächse finden hier ideale Bedingungen vor. In wichtigen Weinführern wie etwa dem «Gambero Rosso» erhält das Südtirol regelmässig die meisten Höchstbewertungen («Tre Bicchieri») im Verhältnis zur Rebfläche in ganz Italien.


AltoAdidge S


Italy – Where wine is a way of life

The Italian wine regions are extremely diverse, and this is made clear in their wines. Established varieties such as Merlot, Syrah, and Sauvignon can be found on just 15 percent of the total vine growing area. The remaining 85 percent is reserved for autochthonous, indigenous varieties. More than 2,000 different grape varieties are grown under diverse conditions and pressed with various techniques into wines that reach the top tier of the international wine market.


Italien S

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