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DOC Catulliano, Azienda Agricola Pratello, 2018

750 ml
Grape variety: Trebbiano
Producer: Azienda Agricola Pratello
Origin: Italy / Lombardia
Other vintages:
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Article nr. 12069718
Grape variety: Trebbiano
Producer: Azienda Agricola Pratello
Origin: Italy / Lombardia
Other vintages:


Origin: Italy / Lombardia
Grape variety: Trebbiano
Ripening potential: 1 to 3 years
Serving temperature: 10 to 12 °C
Food pairing suggestion: Grilled fish, Whole baked fish, Hearty stew with pulses, Vegetable flan, quiche
Vinification: fermentation in steel tank, soft pressing
Harvest: hand-picking
Maturation: in steel tank, bâtonnage, some months bottle storage before sale
Bottling: filtration
Volume: 12.5 %
Note: Contains sulphites


Italy – Where wine is a way of life

The Italian wine regions are extremely diverse, and this is made clear in their wines. Established varieties such as Merlot, Syrah, and Sauvignon can be found on just 15 percent of the total vine growing area. The remaining 85 percent is reserved for autochthonous, indigenous varieties. More than 2,000 different grape varieties are grown under diverse conditions and pressed with various techniques into wines that reach the top tier of the international wine market.


Azienda Agricola Pratello

In Padenghe sul Garda, a small medieval village at the south-western end of Lake Garda, lies the traditional but also progressive Azienda Agricola Pratello.

Vincenzo Bertola directs this agricultural estate, which comprises a total of 100 hectares. 45 hectares of which are planted with vines. In addition, olives, cereals, vegetables and fruit are also grown. Forests and pasture land, on which an Alpaca herd frolics, form part of this estate. The soil, mainly moraine soil with some clay, is loose, stony and dates back to the glacial period. The climate is generally mild and is under the influence of the nearby lake.

Grape varieties


Largest wine provider in the world

Whenever someone speaks of Trebbiano, it is important to first ask, "Which one?" It is as though the name was once given to every vine with whitish berries, large clusters, later maturity and strong growth. They are not necessarily related to each other. The most prominent representative is the Trebbiano Toscano. It shows high acidity and a fairly neutral aroma profile. Nevertheless, it produces more wine than any other grape in the world. Cognac is responsible for part of this: after the Trebbiano came to Avignon with the Popes in the 14th century, it trekked further via Languedoc into the cognac region of the Charente. There, it is called Ugni blanc. With its high acidity and subdued aromas, it is perfect for distillation. In Tuscany, it is pressed into Vin Santo. Before 2006, it was additionally a part of the Chianti recipe. Another branch of the family is the Trebbiano d'Abruzzo , which in central Italy ideally yields mineral wines with great aging potential.