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Coa Negra Blanc

Coa Negra Blanc

Vi de la Terra Mallorca, Son Palou, 2017

750 ml
Grape variety: Chenin Blanc, Prensal blanc
Producer: Son Palou
Origin: Spain / Mallorca
Other vintages:
In stock
Article nr. 13023717
Grape variety: Chenin Blanc, Prensal blanc
Producer: Son Palou
Origin: Spain / Mallorca
Other vintages:


Intense and fruity nose but with a floral freshness that adds diversity. On palate this wine offers aromas of white fruit (plum) and orange. A liveliness contrasts with the creamy nature of the wine's structure. In the finish a pleasant light bitterness reinforces the dynamic, tactile feel.


Origin: Spain / Mallorca
Grape variety: Chenin Blanc, Prensal blanc
Ripening potential: 2 to 4 years
Serving temperature: 10 to 12 °C
Food pairing suggestion: Apéro riche, Grilled fish, Vegetable flan, quiche
Vinification: fermentation in steel tank, soft pressing
Harvest: hand-picking, strict selection
Maturation: in steel tank
Bottling: filtration
Volume: 14.0 %
Note: Contains sulphites


Spain – Variety and perfection

“Somewhere in la Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember...,” begins Don Quixote's odyssey.

The most famous part is definitely when Don Quixote thinks windmills are his enemy and wants to fight them – until they nearly kill him. It’s possible there was a bit too much of the La Mancha wine at play. Spanish vines fight for their survival in rugged landscapes, battling fierce drought and rough soils. But they fight well.



Mallorca: new premium wines from old varieties

The party island is showing an entirely different, more delightful side: every year, more premium wines are produced in Mallorca. While international varieties like Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot yield excellent wines in Mallorca’s terroir, top winemakers increasingly use the best native varieties, such as Manto Negro, Callet and Prensal Blanc. The results are independent wines with Mediterranean charm and surprising freshness.

Grape varieties

Chenin Blanc

Small area, great variety

The Chenin blanc now grows on just one percent of French vineyards. But its wines are immensely diverse. The homeland of this grape is the Loire Valley. There it muscles into the light-footed frothers of Saumur and Vouvray. The vintners of Bonnezeaux and Quarts-de-Chaume process them into beguilingly sweet wines. And in Savennières it yields dry whites with mineral cores and great aging potential. They smell of apple, honey and fresh straw, and show great body and a stimulating acidity. The world's largest area of Chenin blanc is in South Africa, where it landed in the mid-17th century with Dutch traders. The most exciting wines result from old vines drawn from traditional bush forms.

Prensal blanc

Mallorcan fruit basket

With apple, pear, grapefruit, exotic fruits, almond and anise, the old Majorcan variety Prensal seduces with its aromatic abundance. However, it only has a little acidity. Consequently, it is usually blended with other grapes such as Moscatel, Chardonnay or Viognier, giving the wines freshness. These wines taste best when drank young. Prensal is usually written “Premsal” in Mallorca. Alternatively, it is also called Moll.