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Pinot gris
Certified integrated production

Pinot gris

AOC Neuenburg, Château d'Auvernier, 2019

750 ml
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Pale golden yellow with bright green tinge. Floral nose with touches of citrus grapefruit. A nice minerality mouthfeel. On palate this wine is nicely rounded with a pleasant crispness. Balanced structure with elegant aromas of pear and stewed apple. A long and harmonious finish.


Origin: Schweiz / Neuenburg / Drei Seen / Neuchâtel
Grape variety: Pinot gris
Ripening potential: 1 to 5 years
Serving temperature: 10 to 12 °C
Food pairing suggestion: Fresh water fish with cream sauce, Cheese board
Vinification: fermentation in steel tank, pressed carefully and immediately, fermentation at low temperatures
Harvest: hand-picking, strict selection
Maturation: in steel tank, on the yeast, bâtonnage
Volume: 14.5 %
Note: Contains sulphites


Switzerland – A small country with enormous diversity

Switzerland is famous for its banks, watches, and cheese, but not necessarily for its wine. The Swiss didn't invent wine, but they have been extremely open and curious to it. Wine culture arrived in what is now modern Switzerland via several routes: from Marseilles to Lake Geneva and the Lower Valais region; from the Aosta Valley through the Great St. Bernard Pass to the rest of Valais; from the Rhone through Burgundy, across the Jura Mountains to Lake Constance; and from Lombardy to Ticino, and then on to Grisons.



Neuchâtel: the Burgundy of Switzerland

Neuchâtel is considered the stronghold of the art of watchmaking. The precision that characterizes the clockwork mechanisms can also be found in many crus here, which grow on calcareous soils. The narrow strip between Lake Neuchâtel and the southern rim of the Jura Mountains is the perfect terroir for Chasselas, but also for Pinot Noirs, which present Burgundian characteristics. With the white “Non Filtré” and the indigenous “Oeil de Perdrix”, vintners in Neuchâtel have two particular specialties.

Grape varieties

Pinot gris

The aromas of the forest

Pinot gris is, like the Pinot blanc, a colour mutation of Pinot noir. All three have the same genetic profile. On occasion, red, grey, pink and white, berries can be observed on the same vine stock. Some are even striped! The best Pinot grises introduce themselves opulently with ripe peach and apricot aromas, slightly woody notes and a bit of smoke. These characteristics are presented, for example, in examples from Alsace, Grauburgunders from Germany, or the representatives from Valais, where the grapes are erroneously referred to as Malvoisie. In Italy, Pinot grigio from South Tyrol and Friuli win out. Wines from this variety are great culinary companions. They get along superbly with autumnal dishes such as risotto with mushrooms or chestnuts.

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