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Smoked trout with fennel

Ingredients for 4 people
4 smoked trout fillets
2 large fennel tubers
6 tbsp lemon olive oil
4 tsp fennel seeds
Crema di Balsamico
Sea salt
Ground pepper from the mill

When buying fennel, be sure to choose round rather than longish tubers. Round fennel is usually more aromatic and less fibrous.
Cut the fennel into thin strips. Heat the lemon olive oil lightly in a frying pan, add the fennel and let simmer until it turns caramel brown. Season to taste with sea salt and pepper.
Coarsely crush the fennel seeds in a mortar. Slice the trout fillets in half and place on plates. Next, spread the fennel on the trout fillets.
Sprinkle the crushed fennel seeds over the fish and garnish with the Crema di Balsamico.


Our wine recommendation: Rosé Château Les Valentines!