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About Baur au Lac Vins

True Values. Leading us to excellence. Since 1844.

For 175 years, we’ve been nurturing wine culture with great passion. As a premium wine trade, we offer our customers exclusive wine experiences at the highest level of quality with uncompromisingly high service standards.


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True values since 1844

Enthusiasm and passion are contagious. Baur au Lac Vins aspires to pass on to you, this enthusiasm for one of Mother Nature’s most marvellous products.

To drink wine is a luxury, which can be either a smaller or a slightly bigger one. We believe that luxury is bought with caution and anticipation, and enjoyed with wisdom and pleasure. This is why we are there for you: To enhance your wine experience, to increase your enthusiasm and expectation, to inspire you with our passion and last but not least with our competence.

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Locations and opening hours

Zürich – Männedorf – Regensdorf - Tiefenbrunnen

Wherever you shop at Baur au Lac Vins, you can always expect the same expertise and service. Our employees are all enthusiastic wine lovers, who are continuously improving their knowledge through own motivation and interest. Baur au Lac Vins also supports them with training programmes for them to optimally carry out their work as consultants. They are proud to serve a large number of regular customers who place their trust in them again and again.