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Events & Wine Wiki

We look forward to seeing you at our numerous events, which we will be staging for you with a great deal of enthusiasm and professional expertise. The more you know about wine, the more you want to know, only to realise at one point, you still don't know much. It doesn't make the experience any less enjoyable anyhow.


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You are cordially invited to take part in our numerous events. From small after-work tasting to big events with winegrowers, we organize many interesting and exciting wine experiences for you.

Most of the tastings take place in our shops in and around Zurich. But we also like to point out events taking place with partners offering a wide range of Baur au Lac Vins products. Unless otherwise stated, the events are free of charge and can be attended without prior notice.


Wine wiki

The world of wine is huge, a few thousands of years old and each vintage offers its lot of surprises and discoveries.

Wine has to do with biology, geology, climate, agriculture, chemistry and physics, with sensory and emotional aspects, with world history, politics and much more. Here are some facts about countries and regions, and bout the most important grape varieties among the many thousands the planet might count. Of course also, you’ll find information about our winegrowers and their families, their work, their history and their dreams, as well as general topics around wine, which are interesting and worth knowing. Is there anything you would like to know about, but is not included here? Write to us!

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The world of wine is always on the move and at Baur au Lac Vins we don't stand still.

Here you will find everything that is currently moving us: for example, a new winery in our range, a new vintage report from Burgundy or Bordeaux, attractive offers, current campaigns and much more.