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Cork Recycling

The cork is a natural, re-growing, harmless and ecological material which can be recycled at 100%.

The cork oaks need no less than 25 years before one can harvest their bark for the fi rst time and another 10 years before it is thick enough to produce wine corks again. This industry employs tens of thousands people across the world. It is therefore crucial not throwing it away and allow new products to be manufactured thanks to recycling.

To promote and to care for the wine-culture also belong to our numerous noble tasks. Crown and screw caps also have their eligibility with modern scientific discoveries asserting that the evolution and conservation of the aromas during aging is also preserved through the use of modern caps (crown, synthetic, glass or screw corks). The natural corks will though remain indispensable for the wines with great aging potential, most certainly also for nostalgic reasons.

We are convinced the active protection of our environment and the responsible exploitation of resources is the only path to choose. For your personal help and support as consumers and wines lovers, we are most grateful and always at your disposition. 

Our collecting points are located in our various branches: