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Gifts, Accessories & Wine Subscriptions

For you, we have carefully and sensitively composed our gift collection from the abundance of our assortment. You will also find here practical accessories, beautifully designed glasses, exciting wine subscriptions as a long-term gift idea and much more.


In Stock

Cristallo Universalkelch

50,2 cl
In Stock

Cristallo Champagnerkelch

26,1 cl, mit Eichung 1 dl
In Stock

Bordeauxkelch Cristallo

68,5 cl
In Stock

Cristallo Weissweinkelch

38,6 cl
In Stock

Wein-Protektor inkl. 4 Kapseln

Protective Gas
In Stock

Whiskyglas Snifter premium

Spiegelau, 28cl
In Stock


Spiegelau Authentis, 1 Liter