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Gift box Malbec & Truffes

Gift box Malbec & Truffes

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Dark Sprüngli Grand Cru truffles made with the finest cocoa varieties from the most renowned origins, and Malbec Crios from Susana Balbo Wines in Mendoza, Argentina. The array of aromas of this wine is dominated by dark berries and prunes, based on a subtle scent of roasting and a fine vanilla note.

The wine is fruity on the palate, with a good structure and sweet ripe tannins. It exhibits a fantastic intensity of flavour and a long finish.

  • 1 Sprüngli Truffes Grand Cru, 16 pieces (shelf life 21 days)
  • 1 Malbec Crios, Susana Balbo Wines, Mendoza, Argentina, 75 cl
  • 1 Gift box Delivery period 2-3 days


Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, RAW, cocoa butter, BUTTER, raw cane sugar, invert sugar, glucose, cocoa powder, emulsifier (SOJALECITHIN), bourbon vanilla. May contain hazelnuts, almonds.

Nutritional information per 100g: Energy kJ: 2161.3 / kcal: 516.1, Fat: 39 g, of which saturated fat: 25.5 g, Carbohydrates: 32.2 g, of which. sugar: 28.4 g, dietary fibre: 5.6 g, protein: 4.7 g, salt: 0 g. Milk fat 3.5 g, milk protein 0 g. Cacao origin: Trinitario de Sambirano, Madagascar, Cacao 64%, Criollo de Maracaibo, Venezuela, Cacao 65%, Trinitario de Baracoa, Cuba, Cacao 70%, Arriba, Esmeraldas, Ecuador, Cacao 72%.

This item is available immediately at the ShopVille Zurich HB branch. In all other branches within two working days after telephone reservation. The shelf life of the Truffes is 21 days.

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Article nr. 86135002


Origin: Sprüngli & Baur au Lac Vins

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