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André Clouet brut Un jour de 1911

André Clouet brut Un jour de 1911

AOC Champagne

750 ml
Selection Baur au Lac Vins30
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An intense pale golden yellow colour. The effervescence is concentrated and the bead persistent. Very pleasant nose of brioche, almond paste and Williams pear. On palate the feel of the bubbles is silky and creamy with a nice freshness underneath. Toasty and nutty on the back palate with a controlled dosage. A complex, elegant wine with great ageing potential.


Origin: Frankreich / Champagne
Grape variety: Pinot noir
Ripening potential: 1 to 10 years
Serving temperature: 10 to 12 °C
Vinification: bottle fermentation
Harvest: hand-picking
Maturation: partly in wooden barrel/foudre
Maturation duration: 72 months
Volume: 12.0 %
Note: Contains sulphites


France – Philosophy in a bottle

According to French philosophy, wine should be an expression of the soil and climate. They use the word “terroir” to describe this. Terroir makes every wine different, and many especially good. French wine is regarded worldwide as an expression of cultural perfection. The French believe that humans are responsible for the quality of the berries, the vine variety for their character, and nature for the quantity. This philosophy can be expressed succinctly as: “the truth is the vineyard, not the man.”


André Clouet / Jean François Clouet

We didn’t find the low house, dating from the 17th century, straight away, even though the village of Bouzy is not very large. Modest buildings are grouped around a courtyard, behind which a vineyard lies, similar to a clos.

But first of all, Jean François Clouet, last scion of this old family that is traceable to the court of Louis XV, guided us to an elevation. We found ourselves above Bouzy on the south side of the Montagne de Reims range of hills. Jean François points westwards: In 451 AD, Attila the Hun came riding from that direction and it was here that he met the army of the Western Roman Empire. But today, instead of a battlefield, a tranquil sea of vines stretches towards the horizon.

Grape varieties

Pinot noir

Blueprint of the terroir

No other variety expresses its terroir as precisely as Pinot noir. It is a sensitive, fragile grape. But when it succeeds, it gives the world some of its very greatest wine plants. It especially excels in Burgundy, where it has been cultivated for at least 700 years. Even in the middle ages, it was considered so precious that it was kept separate from other grapes so as to not diminish its value. The finest examples are delicate and fragrant with aromas of cherries and red berries. With maturity, notes of forest floor, leather and truffles enter as well. An irresistible fruity sweetness still shines through, even after several decades. The Pinot noir does well in cool locations: in Switzerland and in Germany, where it is known as Blauburgunder and Spätburgunder respectively; in Alsace and in South Tyrol, in Oregon, New Zealand and Tasmania. Not least, it yields fantastic champagnes. It is a wonderful culinary companion. With its soft tannins and charming bouquet, it meshes with everything, from Güggeli and cheeses to fried fish.

Parker 96 Points

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