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Baur au Lac Vins
Adlikerstrasse 272
8105 Regensdorf, CH
+41 44 777 05 05,

Gift Collection

In Stock

Geschenkset - Nicolas Feuillatte Enchantement

CHF 55.50
In Stock

Gift basket Villa Caviciana

CHF 89.20
In Stock

Gift box Feuillatte Enchantement and Coeur Doré

CHF 73.90
In Stock

Gift box Figuero & Truffes

CHF 82.90
In Stock

Gift box La Montesa & Truffes

CHF 61.20
In Stock

Gift box Malbec & Truffes

CHF 56.90
In Stock

Gift box Noi & Truffes

CHF 59.30
In Stock

Gift box Philipponnat & Truffes

CHF 97.40
In Stock

Gift Excellence en Blanc de Noirs

CHF 89.–
In Stock

Gift set Best Swiss Gin and Tonic

CHF 71.–
In Stock

Gift set Bittersweet Temptation

CHF 63.30
In Stock

Gift set Châteauneuf-du-Pape in White and Red

CHF 89.60