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Sea-fresh to sea-fish

from the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. In addition to a floral scent and flavours of orange, citrus, peach and green apple, these wines often present a slightly iodine note. It is actually preferably drunk in its homeland with seafood: in Spanish Galacia with octopus, blue mussels or "percebes" (goose barnacles), which resemble little elephant feet and are fished by locals risking their lives on the Atlantic surf. Across the border in Portugal, the Alvarinho grape, as it is called there, is the main actor in the summer wine Vinho Verde. This pairs best with grilled sardines and the national fish, bacalhau. Albariño is traditionally enjoyed from flat clay cups.

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Albariño Gundián

Grape varieties

Touriga Nacional

Touriga Nacional

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Charmingly coarse and unspoilt

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