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The upstart from Piedmont

Dolcetto is translated as “the little sweet”, even though the wines that develop from it are almost exclusively dry. The name alludes to the low acidity of the berries. The Dolcetto comes from the northern Italian Piedmont, where it was already known in the 16th century. Since its grapes ripen early, vintners like to plant it at higher elevations. It is too cool there for the renowned Piedmontese Barbera and Nebbiolo varieties – their maturity period slips into autumn, when temperatures drop sharply. Wines from Dolcetto taste best young, no more than two to three years after harvest. Then they shine with their round, soft, fruity nature, and delicate notes of liquorice and almonds.

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Dolcetto d'Alba

DOC, Cascina Morassino, 2017, 750 ml
CHF 19.50

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