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Saison Rum Reserve

Saison Rum Reserve

Distillerie Tessendier & Fils, 700 ml

700 ml
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This rum comes 30% from Barbados, 65% from Trinidad and 5% from Jamaica. The different terroirs are carefully selected on the Caribbean islands to give this rum the typicality of these origins. The rum batches are mainly matured for up to 8 years in American white oak barrels. After the maturation process is completed in the Caribbean, they are brought to France and have already matured for several weeks on the ocean during their passage. In the Cognac region, they are stored on the banks of the Charente for 12 months in over 50 different cognac barrels. After storage on the Charente, the rum is blended without added sugar by the "Master Blender" Jérôme Tessendier. Saison Reserve is a powerful rum that combines spicy and fruity aromas: candied fruits, plums, vanilla, lychee as well as some spicy notes reminiscent of pepper and ginger. The palate is velvety yet lively and fresh. Very balanced with a long, elegant finish. Entirely without added sugar or caramel.


Origin: Karibik
Food pairing suggestion: Fruit tart, Cakes, biscuits, pastries
Volume: 43.5 %

Distillerie Tessendier & Fils

Grape growers, producers of Cognac and innovative spirits


“Time is of the essence for creating high-quality spirits” (Jérôme Tessendier)


The Tessendier & Fils Distillery, established in 1880, is a family-run business based in Cognac and Jarnac, on the banks of the Charente, which produces a diverse portfolio of high-quality Cognacs (see Cognac Park) with a modern twist. The heirs, Jérôme and Lilian Tessendier, have succeeded in modernising the family business in the face of the international dimension of the market: first by creating their own brand of Cognac, then by drawing on their ancestral savoir-faire to refine other types of spirits. This knowledge was forged over time, improved from generation to generation and is now shared by the Tessendier Distillery through three Cognac series (Park, Campagnère, Grand Breuil), each with its own unique character, its own history.

To cater to the needs of an international clientele, often with very different tastes and cultural approaches, the company has constantly rejuvenated and expanded its range. This is exemplified by the new ageing process in mizunara oak casks (a very rare and high quality Japanese oak) for their Park Cognac and the most recent Mr Gaston Gin.

For some years now the brothers have been using their know-how to its best advantage to blend their own rum and to partially age it in Cognac casks. They have created the Saison Rum line, which embodies the art of blending of Jérôme and Lilian Tessendier. The cellar master created the rum in four key stages from the search for terroirs to the finishing touches: origins, ageing, blending and finishing. Each of these stages follows the previous one, like the four seasons. This innovative, sequenced approach produces the rum known as Saison.

The distillates are carefully selected from 3 different terroirs on the Caribbean islands of Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica. The master blender’s intention is to showcase the typicality of these areas of origin by utilising the warmth and specific hygrometry of the Caribbean islands to give the future rum a unique oxidation, accelerate the ageing process and concentrate the aromas.

The aged rums are then blended by master blender Jérôme Tessendier and left to rest for several months on the banks of the Charente in mature French oak casks that used to contain Cognac. No sugar or caramel colouring is added to their rum.

And who is Mr Gaston?

In 1880, Gaston Tessendier, a maths teacher, became a weekend winemaker at his estate “le Buisson”, in Javrezac, in the Borderies region of Charente. Despite the strenuous work in the vineyard, he never regretted his whimsical hobby. With MR GASTON GIN Jérôme Tessendier, inspired by his origins in Charente and his expertise in the world of spirits, continues to provide innovative and original creations for connoisseurs.

The Mr Gaston Gin range is made from French wheat and botanicals that are 100% organic. Special attention is paid to gins aged in mizunara oak and sherry casks. They delight and surprise with unexpected flavours.



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