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Casa Lupo by Paladin

Casa Lupo is the Paladin family’s Valpolicella “subsidiary” and consists of 25 hectares spread between the towns of Negrar and Illasi in the province of Verona.

Visitors to Veneto usually stay at Lake Garda or in “Romeo and Juliet’s” culturally rich city of Verona. But wine enthusiasts will be tempted by the Ripassi and Amaroni along the southern slopes of the central Alps leading down to Valpolicella.

Paladin’s vineyard team cultivates the vines here all year round and takes care of the harvest. Vinification and bottling is carried out by a local partner to ensure compliance with the legal regulations for DOC and DOCG.

The name “Casa Lupo” has its origins in the history of the region, where many years ago Valpolicella was almost completely covered with forests which were inhabited by several large packs of wolves. It was literally the home of the wolf, or “Casa Lupo” in Italian.

The white calcareous and argillaceous soils are used to cultivate the red grape varieties Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara. The Mediterranean climate produces elegant, sophisticated and very complex wines, which delight visitors with their excellent drinkability and pair perfectly with local cuisine.

Travel tips for culinary and nature lovers

Trattoria alla Ruota
Via Proale, 6, 37024 Negrar

Antica Bottega del Vino
Via Scudo di Francia, 3, 37121 Verona

One of the best cheese affineurs in Italy:
Family Bernardinelli
I sapori del portico
Via San Francesco 48, 37024 Arbizzano-Santa Maria

The idyllic national park: Parco Naturale della Lessinia
In the small Dolomites: Hiking area in the Campobrun nature reserve

Red wines from Casa Lupo by Paladin

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