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Baur au Lac Vins
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Gift basket Paladin

Gift basket Paladin


For Italianità lovers, two authentic wines from the Veneto provided by Paladin: a refreshingly aromatic Sauvignon Blanc, which goes well with green olives and a velvety Ripasso, which can perfectly accompany a penne rigate with pesto or a simple passata made with sun-ripened tomatoes. Fine amaretti and Sicilian torroncini pair well with after-dinner espresso. Also, the beautiful and practical rattan basket can still be used long after. 1 Sauvignon blanc attimo, DOC, Paladin, Veneto, Italy, 75cl; 2 Ripasso della Valpolicella, DOC, Casa Lupo by Paladin, Veneto, Italy, 75cl; 1 Penne rigate, Pastificio Maiella, Italy, 500 g; 1 Pesto Ligure, Frantoio di Sant'Agata, Italy, 180g; 1 Passata pomodoro al basilico, Frantoio di Sant'Agata, Italy, 280g; 1 Olive verdi, Bella di Cerignola, Fratepietro, Italy, 180g; 3 Amaretti di Saronno, Italy; 3 Torroncini Condorelli, Italy; 1 Corbeille en rotin, grise, rectangulaire, 37 x 29 x 12cm; Ingredients of the food are declared with the individual article.

In stock
Article nr. 86282000
Producer: Geschenk-Collection
Origin: Gift collection / Gift sets 80 to 150 Fr.


Origin: Gift collection / Gift sets 80 to 150 Fr.